About Second Wind

Second Wind

Jason Foy is a lifelong musician, whose deft artistry on flute and whistles anchors this duo. His mandolin playing is intricate and precise, and his spirited accompaniment on guitar makes for an exciting ride. Jason's musical expertise includes djembe and bongos, which add rhythmic interest as well as a gleeful spirit.

Barbara Calm introduces herself as a veterinarian and musician from NW Montana. Balance and harmony are central in her life, with music being the perfect complement to a life in medicine. Her hammered dulcimer drives the rhythm, dances lightly around a melody, and fills a room with warm vibrating sound. Playing the octave mandolin weaves lilting harmonies atop the rhythm, while her newest instrument, the Irish Bouzouki, is a treasured addition from a recent sojourn to Ireland. Barbara also plays penny whistle and guitar, and may add her marimba or trombone on occasion.

Together they are Second Wind. Their background is in Celtic traditions and to these roots they remain true most of the time! They find joy in experimental approaches to traditional tunes and continually find new inspiration from some great contemporary bands from Ireland and the British Isles. They love the creative freedom of playing as a duo; being portable, adaptive, and able to evolve with the wind in unusual and delightful directions.